Stay aware from “Blood for sale” scam in the Coronavirus days

As the pandemic takes its own phase, there has been a rise in the number of scams that are happening all across the globe. There have been multiple vectors and diversions of the scams in this pandemic and one of these scams is well-planned and known to be “Blood for Sale”. Like every other scam that offers face masks for sale, sanitizers for sale, this scam offers the sale of blood from an individual party that claims to have recovered from Coronavirus.

What can you do with McAfee antivirus to block this scam?

With McAfee antivirus, you will get the regular updates to provide the McAfee portfolio along with tips and tricks to protect your valuable assets while working from home. There have been many threats during this pandemic that lures to put all sorts of attacks in action. These sort of scams target the healthcare, finance, and education sectors. Just download McAfee from the official website and block such scams.

Mobile threats that deals in “Blood Sale” scam

With the increase in quarantine days and you have to work from home there are various malicious scammed applications for android that are abusing keywords that are related to the pandemic. The apps range from ransomware that can spy on the victim’s device. For instance, the scam is known as “Corona Safely Mask” asks for various permissions to access your:

  • Internet access that allows the app to create a network of error.
  • Contact data are available on the victim’s device.
  • Phone number to send malicious messages.

Point to remember: When the user downloads such malicious apps then SMS will be sent for permission to send the scam to the victim device.

What to do more for dealing with the “Blood for sale” scam?

Those people who are only interested in financial gain and dealing in global events are the main target of such events. And these scams are like safety masks on sale, sanitizers, and medicines for sale and blood sale that involves many customers who become mere victims of such scam. The two examples of such scams are online-site offering websites and a telegram channel with different sellers of the needful material.

The use of Covid-19 name in the face of COVID -19 authentic guidelines has become a global concern. Here, there are ways by which you can stay protected in these quarantine days by downloading McAfee antivirus from Finally, there are the other threats related to Covid-19 scam for phishing the emails of the disease in the name of malware. So you need to download McAfee software from

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that this article has helped to stay aware of such scams to harm your data and device. However, if you have queries related to the topic then you can visit our about us section. On the website, you will get the related articles for help along with the solutions that deal with the product, software, or the scam.






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